Hello Buckeye Friends!


My name is Todd Rice and I am the CEO and conceptual designer at Boogli. My family and I are big fans of college sports (from Ohio) and adore the mascots. We are currently making some fun interactive characters and believe that the OSU Brutus mascot and Boogli have some great synergy.

We are creating a few characters for the NFLPA and thought that working with the Ohio State University team could be fun and lucrative. 

Currently there are many fans that LOVE their college team. They love talking about the team, watching the team play and many want to share this excitement with others, including their children.

Why Boogli was created:

Boogli was born to extend timely experiences past the movies, shows, sports, parks, etc. We foster the connection and continue the brand relationships to the home, fueling top-of-mind awareness. 


We would LOVE to start a relationship with the Ohio State University to create a mascot Brutus/Boogli character. The character would be a physical holder for smart devices and come with a a mobile app.

Product example:

A rough sketch of a generic Boogli concept. It all starts with a drawing.

MBOM 02.jpg

The character itself would contain the following items:

  • RFID chip for knowledge that the smart device is in proximity
  • Ability to hold a smart device 

The app would demonstrate these capabilities (to start with):

  • A unique personality (Brutus mouth)
  • Reaction to movements
  • Mouth movements to mimic external sounds  
Mouth movement example.

Mouth movement example.

This would be a great entry-level product for us to build a working relationship. 

Future conversations could include:

  • Additional characters and app enhancements
  • Tie the character/app into realtime scoring
  • Social sharing and smack talk

Current design examples:


Thanks for taking the time to read this proposal.


Todd Rice