Hello Muggle friends!


My name is Todd Rice and I am the CEO and conceptual designer at Boogli. My family and I had the pleasure of attending the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at the Florida Universal theme park recently.

Our overall experience at Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley was fantastic! We were absolutely in awe of the architecture, 3D magic, characters, rides, details, staff and so much more. The Escape from Gringotts is now my favorite attraction of all time. 

During our visit my wife and I bought our two girls interactive wands for the Harry Potter themed parks. We loved the character specific wand design, the way you choose the wand, the packaging and it made a perfect gift for our little ones.

Loss of opportunity:

The spell interactivity of the wands were done in a very thoughtful manor and had true entertainment value for all participants at the parks, the folks casting the spells and the audiences watching.

However, with the massive crowds, we felt rushed and some of the spells required precision, which my children did not have. This created a desire and almost a need for them to use their wands after the park experience.

They wanted more, heck we all did!

Why Boogli was created:

Boogli was born to extend timely experiences past the movies, shows, sports, parks, etc. We foster the connection and continue the brand relationships to the home, fueling top-of-mind awareness. 


We would LOVE to start a relationship with you and create a Monster Book of Monsters Boogli character. The character would be a physical holder for smart devices and come with a a mobile app, allowing the wand wizardry to exist to fans at home.

The character would come with a downloadable app that can be controlled by the already purchased wand or if one did not own a wand, they could use finger gestures to interact with the character itself and mobile app. 

Finger tracking example.

Finger tracking example.

Above is an example of how we recognize simple hand gestures and detect counting fingertips using a smart device's camera.

We would use this technology (and Bluetooth) to capture the wand or finger tip movements, allowing the character and character's app ability to use authentic chosen spells.

Harry Potter spell list example.

Harry Potter spell list example.

Product example

A rough sketch of the Monster Book of Monsters Boogli character concept:

MBOM 02.jpg

The character itself would contain the following items:

  • RFID chip for knowledge that the smart device is in proximity
  • Chargeable lighting for effects
  • Ability to hold a user's smart device 

The app would demonstrate these capabilities (to start):

  • A unique personality
  • Reaction to movements
  • Reaction to certain spells
  • Mouth movements to mimic external sounds  
Mouth movement example.

Mouth movement example.

This would be a great entry-level product for us to build a working relationship. 

Future conversations could include:

  • Additional characters and app enhancements
  • Wizard training app (good for before or after the park experience)
  • Dementor, Avada Kedavra slicing app (Fruit Ninja style)

Thanks for taking the time to read this proposal and I look forward to chatting with you.


Todd Rice