Boogli Rocks

Boogli Rocks Renderings

Boogli Rocks Renderings

Boogli™ Rocks keep your mobile devices charged, your room brighter and your music flowing. Our portable patented Boogli™ Rocks allow you to charge your device by placing it on the Rock. The paring of your mobile device and the Rock is visually communicated by your mobile device displaying a quick charge animation when it comes into contact with the Rock and the Rock displays a light when it recognizes the mobile device.

Further enhancing the lighting experience, Boogli™ Rocks can create direct ambient lighting or provide a playful display by having the light dance to the beat of the songs playing through your Rock's high-quality speaker. You can control everything via your mobile device.

The Rocks can not only provide power to your mobile device when they are plugged into a standard household outlet, they also include onboard battery power that can provide sufficient charging power while on the go when no outlet can be found. The Rock also provides superior battery life and quickly recharges using its patented charging process.

Boogli Rocks Concept

Boogli Rocks Concept

What makes the Rock special for your home?

  • They provide ambient mood lighting to liven up any room;

  • They provide a powerful robust speaker that can provide endless hours of music listening;

  • They provide induction charging capabilities to mobile devices that directly support induction charging or devices equipped with a proper induction charging case

What else can they do, you asked?

Alarm clock feature

With the Rock nestled neatly on a desk or night stand they can provide disable lighting and glowing capability for use with the onboard alarm clock feature. Leveraging the alarm clock you can have your Rock wake you up to both the onboard light source and available sounds through the speaker.

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Acknowledgement feature

By using Bluetooth capabilities, your Boogli rocks sense when you are in the room and can interact with you through a variety of light and sound features. Through the software application you can tailor this acknowledgement capability in unique personalized ways.

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Bluetooth speaker feature

Need a little music in your day? Boogli rocks will play your favorite songs and light up to the beat. As mentioned above the Rock has a built in Bluetooth speaker that can play from any available Bluetooth compatible music source. Music can be enhanced with the onboard lights, having the light flash and change based on the output beat and rhythm.

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Rounding out the features

Hardware charging dock:

  • Use as a USB Charging/Docking Station

  • Desk Light or Night Light

  • Mood lighting

  • Behavioral and supportive light features such as:

    • Setting timers to helping teach younger children to stay in bed longer

    • Can send signals to your mobile device to help you locate if lost or misplaced

App Features:

  • - Alarm clock with gentle wake option

  • Proximity sensor for discoverability and feedback

  • Bluetooth compatible music player

  • Bluetooth capabilities for dock-to-app and app-to-dock acknowledgement

  • Reacts to screen being touched

  • Reacts to proximity of the phone

  • Can provide enhanced audio capabilities by extending sound and music across several Rocks at once, similar to SONOS

Commercial Application Opportunities

With our patent No. US **9,635,736 B2**, we are interested in bringing the charging stations to public places, such as: airports, restaurants and other on the go facilities.

Our charing solution will enable anyone that has an induction charging phone (with or without an accompanying case) the ability to charge on the go by simply placing the mobile device onto or near the charging surface. The charging area recognizes the phone and the phone recognizes the charging area. An accompanying case provides visual feedback by glowing in reaction to the charging surface and the charging surface reacts as well by letting the client know that the device is charging, either through a visual indicator or audible sound.

Boogli Rocks Platform

Boogli Rocks Platform

Phone Charging Example

Phone Charging Example

Thanks for taking the time to read this proposal and I look forward to chatting with you.


Todd Rice