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Did you know that 80% of all plastic toys end up in landfills, waste incinerators or even oceans and 90% of these toys are made out of plastic and have only 6 months lifetime. We are initially focusing on toys because of the dense plastic inside them and for reference, 500 water bottle caps have the same value as 1 plastic toy.

Here at Boogli, we believe in monsters, but not the kind that hide in the closet or underneath your bed but the ones that create waste. We are building smart eco-friendly, sustainable products that are built to be playful, educational and functional.

Our family of products are smart, we are building items that encompass today’s needs, including, mobile holders, charging stations, comfort products, safety products and educational items.

We know that people are not going to quit using smart devices and household amenities but our route is to make these type of products with a bit of a conscious.

Mission - Create beautiful Earth (my planet) friendly products that are design-forward and solve fundamental problems, while fostering learning for humans (us earthlings).

Steps of success - The first step of success is to make people aware of this horrible plastic endemic and the plastic pollution that is corroding our planet. The second piece of our success is to teach others how to work locally to reuse recycled products for themselves and not be so dependent n it (It’s going to be a challenge). Lastly, her at Boogli™ we are creating products that are for everyday use and functional for the modern world.